A Spartanburg Ministry Is Building Tiny Homes To House Single Homeless Women

The Bridge at Green Street, run by First Baptist Church Spartanburg, is constructing The Bridgeway Village, a community of 18 tiny homes designed exclusively for single women facing homelessness.

“Our goal is that we have women in houses by the end of 2022,” said Director of Women and Children Deandra Comer.

Half of the houses will have one bedroom, while the other half will have two, according to Comer. The two bedrooms will be created with the goal of helping women in regaining custody of their children as they progress through the programs.

For a year, the women will be housed in the village. They’ll be placed in a program where they’ll gain job skills, take financial lessons, and be connected with career prospects throughout that time. They will also collaborate with The Bridge at Green Street on the creation of a case management plan.

The program’s goal, according to Comer, is for the women to be self-sufficient after 12 months, able to pay their own rent, find work, and take care of their basic needs.

The village’s construction is expected to start this summer, with women moving in by the end of the year.

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