Masks Will Be Required On School Buses Again Beginning Today

Beginning today, the South Carolina Department of Education will implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s order mandating facial coverings on school buses.

Face coverings will be available on school buses. Drivers will offer a face covering to a student who boards a school bus without one. No student, on the other hand, should be refused transportation because they did not follow the CDC Order.

The SCDE initially declared on July 6 that it would no longer enforce the CDC’s Jan. 29 Order, which mandates persons using public transit, including school buses, to wear face coverings.

Molly Spearman, the South Carolina State Superintendent of Education, stated in a release that the decision was made at a time when COVID-19 transmission rates and case counts in the state were relatively low.

SCDE stated that it updated its COVID-19 guidelines as conditions changed and new information became available. To minimize the risk of transmission of the highly transmissible Delta variant, further protective measures are required.

Greenville County Schools stated they will follow the current DHEC standards, which include requiring masks on school buses and a 6-foot social distancing minimum to avoid establishing close contact.

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