Greenville Enacts Emergency Ordinance to Ensure Social Distancing

Greenville City Council has enacted measures to control COVID-19 outbreaks and minimize risk to the community by adopting an emergency ordinance to require businesses and individuals to implement social distancing.

“It is imperative that residents of this great City remain at a safe distance of at least six feet from others while in public, seek non-emergency medical attention, if sick, via a telehealth service provider, continue to be vigilant with hand-washing, remain calm, and only purchase necessary supplies for immediate use,” said Mayor Knox White.

Businesses will now require to implement social distancing by:

  • Designating with signage, tape or other means at least six-feet spacing requirements for customers and employees in line to maintain an appropriate distance
  • Providing hand sanitizer and sanitizing products for employees and customers
  • Implementing separate operating hours for elderly and vulnerable customers
  • Providing an alternative means of purchasing and delivering products and services, to include online or telephone orders and curbside
  • Making regular announcements or placing signage reminding customers and employees of social distancing measures
  • Allowing employees to wear protective masks and gloves

If a customer in the store failed to adhere to the measures that the business is taking, that is not a violation of this ordinance. They will not going to hold the business liable for the conduct of its customers as long as they’re taking reasonable measures and doing what they should be doing that covers the changes.

If a person fails to comply with this ordinance, not only he will be guilty of a civil infraction, he will also be fined of not more than $100. Repeated violations of this ordinance by a person who owns, manages or operates a business may result in the suspension or revocation of any occupancy permit or business license.

The emergency ordinance takes effect on April 4th and shall be terminated by the issuance of another ordinance or shall automatically expire on the 61st day after enactment.

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