Taylors Restaurant Implements Social Distancing Using Dolls

When South Carolina governor Henry McMaster said restaurants could partially re-open. Co-owner of Open Hearth restaurant in Taylors Paula Starr Melehes still wanted to make sure that customers would practice social distancing yet don’t feel intimidated.

“I dread putting that yellow tape across the booths and making everybody think that this is a condemned restaurant or that things are in bad shape,” she said.

Paula together with her crew took to the internet to look for ideas on how to avoid using caution tapes and came up with the idea of using blow-up dolls. The idea may bring up “matured” imagery but the team was able to find a way to make sure that it will be G-rated.

“We got on our iPad trying to figure out what might work,” she said. “They had no obscene body parts or anything like that. We found five men and five women that we decided to dress up with our own clothes and blow them up.”

Greenville County sheriff Hobart Lewis said it’s a clever way to keep customers apart. And as for Melehes, it’s certainly one way of getting back to normal, even if a full house isn’t as chatty as usual.

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