Diversified Medical-Healthcare Announces Greenville County Expansion Plans

Diversified Medical Healthcare’s $51 million investment in Greenville County is estimated to generate 185 new employment.

The company’s expansion was announced on Wednesday during South Carolina’s annual life sciences conference by SCBIO, the state affiliate of the US Biotechnology Innovation Organization. According to the company, they will expand operations into a 136,000-square-foot building at 315 Tanner Price Way in Garlington North, overlooking a crucial interstate connection in Interstate 85.

Diversified Medical Healthcare, founded in 2011, is a holding company with a number of brands focused on improving patient care. The corporate headquarters of the company are located at 6000 Pelham Road. It includes laboratory services, medical manufacturing and supplies, and medical software, among other things.

With the expansion, the company will be able to develop its newest line of products, MyHealthPro, which is an at-home genetic testing device that will allow users to detect genetic predispositions to medical issues.

“Our mission is to positively impact patient lives with solutions that drive the healthcare industry forward.” Diversified Medical-Healthcare CEO Kevin Murdock stated in an emailed statement, “All of our companies under DMH work together to address many needs within the healthcare industry.”

The expansion is currently underway, and it is expected to be completed by 2025. Anyone interested in working at DMH can contact [email protected].

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