Anderson SC Hot Air Balloon Festival

Celebrate Labor Day weekend at Anderson, SC’s Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Rising Above Cancer Hot Air Balloon Fest

Prepare to be wowed by the sheer spectacle of the 6th annual Rising Above Cancer Hot Air Balloon Festival happening in Anderson, SC this Labor Day Weekend. Imagine this: ginormous, colorful hot air balloons floating up there like they just don’t care. Yep, that’s what’s on the menu for the Labor Day bash in 2023.

It’s a Balloon Bonanza!

Where and When to Go

If you’re up for a good time, head to the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump—around 40 minutes—from Greenville, SC. The awesome balloon event goes on for three whole days of awesomeness.

Let’s Talk Attractions

Balloon Blitz

Picture this: the sky will be a canvas painted with over 30 hot air balloons. That’s like a rainbow explosion, but in the air. These beauties will be soaring high, setting the stage for an unforgettable show.

Food, Crafts, and More

Get this: Over 50 vendors and crafters will be flexing their creative muscles. And when hunger strikes, fear not! There will be a lineup of 15+ food trucks, plus a cool beer garden for all the brew enthusiasts out there.

Jeep Joyride

Calling all Jeep aficionados! There’s a Jeep Rally in town. From 10 am to 3 pm, you can bask in the awesomeness of rugged vehicles showing off their moves.

Kiddo Extravaganza

The Kids Zone is going to be a total riot. Think games, petting zoo, face painting, and non-stop fun to keep the little ones grinning ear to ear.

Jammin’ and Groovin’

The festival stage will be rockin’ with tunes from Gritty Flyright and the Music Family. But wait, there’s more! The grande finale on Sunday will feature country sensation Martina McBride, followed by a jaw-dropping laser light show and fireworks display.

Festival Vibes with a Purpose

Spreading the Love with the Cancer Association of Anderson

The Rising Above Cancer Fest isn’t just about balloons and good times. It’s also about supporting the Cancer Association of Anderson—a small but mighty nonprofit that’s all about helping local cancer patients. These guys raise their own funds to make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer. So, when you join the festival, you’re lending a hand to this worthy cause.

How It All Started

Angie Stringer, the brains behind the festival, is a cancer survivor herself. She used to work for Anderson County and came up with the idea of “Rising Above Cancer” after spotting a hot air balloon during her own cancer journey. Talk about turning a tough situation into something beautiful.

Your Weekend Game Plan

Friday: September 1, 2023

  • 5 pm: Kick-off the festivities with the Kids Zone, food trucks, and awesome vendors.
  • 6-8:30 pm: Get ready for hot air balloon action, including flights and tethers.
  • 7-10 pm: Let loose with live music courtesy of The Band Silver.

Saturday: September 2, 2023

  • 7-8:30 am: Early birds can catch the hot air balloon flights and tethers.
  • 10 am – 3 pm: Jeep Rally time! Prepare for some off-road fun.
  • 10 am – 10 pm: The Kids Zone remains open for a day full of kiddo entertainment.
  • 4 pm: The stage comes alive with more live music.
  • Evening: Hot air balloon flights and tethers take center stage once again.

Sunday: September 3, 2023

  • 7-8:30 am: Rise and shine for more hot air balloon excitement.
  • 10 am – 5 pm: The Kids Zone continues the party.
  • 6-8 pm: Wind down your weekend with captivating hot air balloon flights and tethers.
  • 5:30 pm: The gates swing open at the William Floyd Amphitheater.
  • 6:30 pm: Gritty Flywright and the Music Family Band set the tone.
  • 8 pm: Martina McBride brings the house down with a stunning performance.
  • 9:30 pm: The weekend finale: a dazzling fireworks and laser show.

Up, Up, and Away

Anderson SC Hot Air Balloon Festival
Photo courtesy of Rising Above Cancer Hot Air Balloon Festival

Ready for an adventure? If the weather plays nice, you might just get a chance to hop into a hot air balloon. Now, these rides aren’t included in the main gig. But you can snag a ticket for $300 per person and enjoy an hour of pure balloon bliss. Check out the list of pilots and pick your favorite for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Oh, and don’t forget about tethered rides! You can catch a ride from the KOA, ReMax, and other balloons for around $20-$25 per person.

Tips for Maximum Festival Enjoyment

Here are a few pointers to make the most of your festival adventure:

  • Leave the Snacks at Home: Outside food and drinks? Not happening.
  • Furry Friends: As much as we love our furry buddies, this event is a no-go for pets.
  • Get Cozy: Bring along your blankets and chairs for the ultimate comfort.
  • Weather Wonders: Rain or shine, the festival is on. However, balloon rides are a different story. They’re all about the weather. So, be ready for anything!

This Labor Day Weekend, get ready to be amazed, support a great cause, and create memories that’ll stick around like your favorite jam. The Rising Above Cancer Hot Air Balloon Festival is where it’s at! For the full scoop on the schedule and everything else, check out the festival’s official website. Let’s get ready to rock the skies!

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