A lithium Battery Manufacturer Has Started Operations In South Carolina

EMUS, a Lithuanian manufacturer of lithium-ion battery management systems (BMS), has established its first foreign operation center in Greenville, South Carolina.

Emus was founded in 2010, and it specializes in lithium battery management systems for the rapidly increasing e-mobility, robotics, energy storage, and other industries that utilize lithium batteries.

“We see tremendous potential in the United States because electrification is growing rapidly in the U.S. and in all western markets,” says EMUS USA CEO Vaidotas Rutkauskas. “And many factors came together in choosing the Upstate. South Carolina is famous for engineering companies, home to major OEMs, the closest time zone to Europe, and a balanced cost of living with ease of access to international airports. We look forward to the future, to pioneering new technologies and continuing to bring more value to our customers.”

The new office, located in Greenville’s Merovan Center, offers BMSs for EVs, robotics, and energy storage systems, as well as providing customer support to integrators, battery-pack assemblers, and automakers.

Those interested in joining the EMUS team may visit their careers website at emusbms.com/career.

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