Whiskey’s Animal Rescue Group Needs Help To Feed Hospice Dogs

The Whiskey’s Animal Rescue Group posted on their Facebook page that they are in dire need of food to feed the 37 large breed dogs under their care.

“Due to COVID 19 our food banks have not been providing food for rescues and shelters and we must pay full price which is a major hardship for the rescue. Everyone listed here is a hospice dog meaning they can never be adopted but we still must provide for their cost of living,” the rescue group said in their post.

The group is knocking on the generous hearts of the public to help feed these dogs. Donations can be mailed to Whiskey’s Animal Rescue PO Box 341 Sandy Springs, SC 29677 or donate through these links:

You can also donate bags of food and drop off at Danna‘s dogs across from the Sandy Springs post office on Clemson Boulevard.

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