Walmart Adding Breastfeeding Pods To 100 Stores This Year

According to many studies, lack of privacy and the feeling of discomfort and judgement are the top three primary concerns a breastfeeding mom faces when they are out in public but need to fulfill their mother duties.

The multinational retail corporation Walmart announced its plan to install Mamava lactation suites in over 100 stores this year. Making Walmart the first retailer to install Mamava lactation suites in a store setting.

The pods offer freestanding spaces that provide a clean, comfortable and private space for women to breastfeed or pump. They are free to use and can be accessed through the Mamava app.

The Mamava app guides mom to a pod’s location. It opens the pod and allows mom to customize lighting, airflow and listening to soothing sounds.

The idea started when a Walmart associate and new mom, Tennille Webb, discovered a Mamava pod while traveling and brought them to Walmart stores.

Last year the company introduced the pods in three stores.

Visit this link to see which Walmart stores have a Mamave pod.

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