Free Upstate COVID-19 Saliva Testing

The city of Clemson is providing free COVID-19 saliva testing to everyone in the Upstate region through collaboration with Clemson University.

The tests include a small sample of saliva in a tube from each patient at the Nettles Park location. The test result has a 90% accuracy and can be returned within 24 hours.

“We feel like this is making a huge difference for our community cause we’re seeing the results go down from the COVID side of things,” said Clemson Mayor Robert Halfacre. “It’s been really good to have and it’s been a collaborative effort from different entities throughout the community.”

“We’ve been able to monitor our numbers and we can see that the impact of this testing is powerful because every week from the people that come through less and less and less are positive so we know we’re having a big impact,” said Clemson Community Physician Ted Swann.


  • Nettles Park: Nettle Park Road, Pendleton


  • Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Drive-thru)


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