The City Of Spartanburg Passes An Ordinance Requiring Wearing Of Mask Effective Today At Noon

The city of Spartanburg council members held an emergency meeting on Friday and unanimously passed an ordinance requiring people to wear masks in some business in Spartanburg.

The said mask ordinance will go into effect today at noon.

“All persons entering a grocery store or pharmacy in the City must wear a face covering while inside the establishment,” Spartanburg City Manager Chris Story said.

“All restaurants, retail stores, salons, barbershops, grocery stores, and pharmacies in the City must require their employees to wear a face-covering at all times while having face-to-face interaction with the public,” Story added.

People who fail to comply could be fined up to $25 and If employees at a business are not wearing a mask, that could be a fine of $100, according to city leaders.

Last week, the City of Greenville also made the same announcement.

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