The Blood Connection (TBC) is in dire need of O-negative blood donors. According to TBC, a combination of already low supplies, the impending summer season, and poor donor turnout could lead to an O negative blood shortage in the coming days. When the blood type is unknown, the most commonRead More

The Blood Connection donor turnout is at an all-time low and, according to the most recent TBC data, local hospitals have consumed twice as much blood as the community has contributed.  The organization is concerned that if this situation continues, the community’s hospitals may face a blood shortage. As aRead More

The Convalescent Plasma in the blood of a COVID-19 survivor is known to contain COVID-19 antibodies that can attack the virus. It is being evaluated as a possible treatment for currently ill COVID-19 patients. Covid-19 survivors are encouraged to donate blood to help  in the recovery of COVID-19 patients.  TheRead More