Gov. McMaster is lifting the statewide “Home-or-Work” order, making it voluntary, and allowing restaurants to serve customers in outdoor dining situations. McMaster issued a series of executive orders on a news conference Friday relaxing many rules that had previously been imposed as the state continues to step forward in reopeningRead More

Gov. McMaster said the state will push to reopen businesses soon as COVID-19 outbreak nears peak. In a conference in Columbia on Monday McMaster said he will push to reopen businesses as soon as possible. At the same press conference, the South Carolina health officials announced that 2,000 new casesRead More

Powerful storms and tornadoes ripped through South Carolina this weekend killing at least nine people. The severe weather started Sunday and ravaged across the Southern region into Monday, leaving in its wake destroyed homes, power cuts, and desolation. Some people lost their lives, including 11 in Mississippi, eight in Georgia,Read More