State Parks Are Back Open With Some Restrictions

After being off-limits to the public for more than a month during the COVID-19 pandemic, 47 parks in the state are now back open but with some restrictions.

South Carolina state parks reopened Friday but only on a limited basis. Day-use areas of the parks, including picnic areas, rivers, lakes, beaches, and trails are now open.

Group facilities, like picnic shelters, and community buildings will stay closed. Visitors’ gathering places like playgrounds will also remain closed. Some park offices will remain closed and some may operate on a smaller scale. Officials are asking visitors to purchase park admission online to limit contact with staff.

A limited number of visitors at a single time can only be allowed for each state park, and the levels will vary by park, according to the news release from park officials.

South Carolina State Parks released this social distancing guidelines:

  • Park staff and visitors should stay six feet apart and avoid handshakes, hugs, and other physical contact.
  • Park staff and visitors will be encouraged to limit group size to less than 3.
  • We will be shutting park gates more frequently as carrying capacity dictates in order to allow for visitors and staff to maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Park staff and visitors should follow the CDC guidelines for good handwashing and hygiene at all times.

Park passport holders will be compensated for the one month the state parks were closed. An extra month will be added to the passport at no charge when you purchase a new passport or when your current passport expires, they will give you another passport for the month you missed at no charge.

For more information on South Carolina state parks reopening on a limited basis, visit:

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