Spartanburg School District 3 Will Begin Offering A Pre-kindergarten Class For Three-Year-Old

With the launch of Spartanburg School District 3’s pre-kindergarten classes for 3-year-olds, children in the Upstate will have access to early education.

The program, according to the school system, will prepare students for success in 4K and 5K educational programs.

“This is such an incredible opportunity to begin supporting and educating our children,” Pacolet Elementary Principal Allison Berry said. “Preschool years are critical for a child’s overall development, and it is our mission to make it special. Students will build strong foundations for social, emotional, and academic success through a positive learning environment.”

The program will have a maximum of 15 students and will begin in the fall at Pacolet Elementary School.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children can contact the Spartanburg District 3 District Office or Pacolet Elementary School.

A grant from the Mary Black Foundation, according to the school system, made this early learning opportunity feasible.

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