Spartanburg County Districts To Open Schools With A Hybrid Model

All the school districts in Spartanburg County will start the coming school year with a hybrid model. School will start Aug. 17.

The hybrid model has been in the works for months. The school districts consult with the state health officials, looking at DHEC guidance, and looking at the Accelerate ED Task Force.

A spokesperson for Spartanburg School District One said the hybrid option will cut the class size in half which will give schools ability to implement social distancing.

The hybrid model offers students the option to be put into two groups with alternate in-class and distance learning during the week. Students are also offered virtual school to start the year.

Melissa Robinette, spokesperson for District Five Schools of Spartanburg County said. “We knew from the get-go that whatever option we landed on there were going to be some parents that simply didn’t feel comfortable sending their students back.”

The rapid increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in the state just weeks before most school districts are due to open for the 2020-21 school year appears to be the driving factor in districts deciding to continue offering online learning for their students.

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