SC Residents Over 65 May Schedule For An Appointment For COVID-19 Vaccine Beginning Next Week

State health officials and the Governor’s Office stated on Wednesday morning that South Carolina residents between 65 and 69 years of age will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine starting on Monday.

According to officials, more than 80 percent of the confirmed COVID-19 deaths in South Carolina are individuals over the age of 65 and there are slightly more than 300,000 South Carolina residents between the ages of 65-69.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell said, “As we open up more and more groups –without opening up supply – it does offer the benefit of getting more individuals a foot in the door but it does not create more appointments or more vaccines.”

The new statewide appointment scheduling system should be up and running soon.

Senior Deputy of Public Health Dr. Nick Davidson said, “We’re really excited about it because it doesn’t require an internet link be sent to somebody to then register and then go online. Somebody can go directly to that link and schedule an appointment as long as they have the internet.”

Dr. Davidson said that even without internet access, with the help of the new call center they established, South Carolinians will still be able to schedule appointments.

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