Safety Resources For The Elderly

The CDC states falls among older adults are extremely common with an estimated 2.5 million older adults treated for fall injuries in the U.S. every year. An estimated 25,000 of those fall injuries result in death. Justifiably so, 8 out of 10 caregivers are worried about fall prevention for their loved ones., a senior care organization that supports family caregivers and their loved ones, recently published a comprehensive guide dedicated to improving the lives of older adults through assistive technologies. They made it their mission to research personal emergency response systems and other assistive technology to find ones that truly enhance the lives of seniors by coupling an independent lifestyle with safety and peace of mind. 

You can learn more about their research for families and seniors here:

This guide offer senior and their loved ones senior living listings and resources. It also provides the costs of care, financial resources, and local programs and agencies that help support seniors in need:

If your loved one suffered harm or loss due to poor nursing home care, legal action may be an option. Suing for negligence can help cover medical expenses and hold the facility accountable. Discover more information here.

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