No Date Yet For When Schools In SC Will Reopen

Gov. McMaster announced Monday the reopening of some businesses in South Carolina. As for when schools in the state will reopen, a decision will be later announced this week.

Previously, McMaster announced that schools will remain closed until the end of April to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman told in an interview that she and McMaster are working together on a plan that will be in the best interest of the students and faculty.

Everything will be considered. The biggest challenge for schools is how to continue social distancing among students and adults to ensure that students aren’t going to school, getting infected and then infecting their family members.  Officials will take into consideration gym class, recess, school assemblies and situations where students gather in large groups.

Another challenge for public education is that students, especially those who were not able to adapt to online learning, will be forced to play catch-up. Most vulnerable are those who are homeless children, those living in poverty and students with disabilities. 

Spearman said that students who have not done well with distant learning, the officials are looking at how best to accommodate them during this time.

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