New Starbucks Shop Is Set To Open In Camperdown

The national coffee chain, Starbucks, is set to open in a space at Camperdown in downtown Greenville, adding a new coffee shop to the area.

The new Starbucks would be downtown Greenville’s third store. Another café may be found at 550 S. Main St., as well as 220 N. Main St., adjacent to the Hyatt Regency.

According to Rebecca Gault, Camperdown’s leasing agent, the cafe area is considered a lesser size business at around 1,900 square feet. This implies that the café will most likely be more grab-and-go and will have fewer seats than a larger shop.

The company will join CAMP, Insomnia Cookies, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Bank of America, and broadcast news station WSPA in Camperdown’s 80,000-square-foot retail space, according to Gault.

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