More Attractions Back In Business For Memorial Day

While this year’s Memorial Day Weekend will be a bit different because of the pandemic, South Carolina locals and tourists will be glad to see more things open today. Gov. McMaster has allowed attractions such as arcades, museums, water parks, and zoos to reopen in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

These businesses must follow safety guidelines emphasizing the need for social distancing and frequent sanitation. Guests will be encouraged to wear masks.

Officials urged social distancing as many people looked to open the summer season with a Memorial Day weekend spent outside. Gov. McMaster said opening attractions in places like Myrtle Beach will lessen the potential spread of COVID-19 in overcrowded beaches during the holiday weekend as some beaches, boardwalks, and other attractions drew thick crowds of people.

Gov. McMaster has loosened many restrictions on retail stores and restaurants in the past few weeks. Barbershops, beauty salons, fitness centers, and other close-contact businesses were allowed to reopen in South Carolina. Bowling alleys, concert venues, movie theaters, auditoriums and performing arts centers, night clubs, and spectator sports remain closed.

The governor stressed that COVID-19 remains a threat as the number of COVID-19 cases in South Carolina topped 10,000 and coronavirus-related deaths in the United States neared 100,000.

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