Impresa Is Bringing Over 100 New Jobs To Greenwood County

Impresa Building Systems of Greenwood SC, LLC, an Impresa Modular affiliate, announced plans to establish modular factory construction operations in Greenwood County.

Following the approval of the incentive agreement by the county council on Tuesday night, the company plans to establish its facility at 161 Rock Church Road with an investment of more than $9 million, creating 180 new jobs in the county.

Impresa Building Systems of Greenwood is a nationwide modular home builder and a subsidiary of the parent company Impresa Modular. The company specializes in providing a consumer-friendly way to build and purchase homes around the United States.

According to Greenwood County Economic Development Director James Bateman, Impresa will hire builders who will work inside the facility to build modules that make up modular homes. The modules are then transported to the home construction site, where they are installed and assembled into existing foundations, electrical, and plumbing work.

The new facility is set to open in January 2022 and be fully operational by July 2022. More than 300 homes per year are expected to be produced at full capacity.

Those interested in joining the Impresa Building Systems of Greenwood SC, LLC team may visit the Impresa Building Systems careers page to fill out the form.

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