Greenville County Schools To Provide Additional Meals For The Weekend

Greenville County Schools announced they’ll be handing out additional breakfast and lunch meals to supply students meals for the entire weekend. Students who pick up meals from any school feeding site will start receiving the additional meals on May 1.

By upping the number of meals distributed each week, students will have enough meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Greenville County Schools has been preparing 22,000 meals per day on average. With the additional meals for two days, GCS meal output will increase to 44,000 per week.

The district is getting federal reimbursement for the meals it’s serving now, just as it normally does during the regular school year, except now all of the meals are being reimbursed at the USDA’s free rate. The expanded service is made possible by a new waiver from the USDA.

Students aged 18 and under and special needs adults 21 and younger are eligible to pick up the meals consisting of breakfast and lunch. Greenville County Schools is running the program on weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon. There are nearly 100 meal pick-up sites across Greenville County.

The district plans to continue its coronavirus-related meal pick-up program indefinitely.

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