Greenville County Schools Are In Great Need Of More Teachers

Before the start of the school year in August, the Greenville County School District is hoping to employ additional teachers.

In a typical year, the district would employ 400 to 600 teachers, but many instructors remained in their positions, thus the district presently has just 87 teaching posts available.

According to the district, the most teacher openings and the most difficult positions to fill in Greenville County are in special education.

“It’s a difficult job. You have to be called to do that job, to have that compassion. In addition to teaching the children, there’s a lot of regulations and documentation. We have reached out to some of our current teachers about adding on that certification,” said Lynn Gibbs, the Chief Human Resource Officer for Greenville County Schools.

The district also stated that the most difficult positions to fill are in math, science, and foreign languages.

Greenville County Schools has created a Gate Program to assist non-teaching professionals towards becoming certified teachers while still working.

“We will start them off in a teaching position with the understanding that over the course of three years while earning money and on the job, they will be earning a teaching certificate, so at the end of that period they’ll be fully qualified teachers,” the district stated.

Greenville begins classes on August 15th, and they hope to have everyone hired by the 7th.

Anyone interested in working for the Greenville County School District can click here. Additionally, on July 19th, the Greenville County School District will be conducting a virtual teacher recruiting job fair; click here for more information.

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