Greenville County Schools Announced In-Person Class Option For Fall

As part of “Destination Return to In-person School”, Greenville County Schools administrators made an announcement about their in-person class option for fall.

Its goal is to return to in-person school five days a week, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Students will be assigned a specific color based on the first letter of their last name. From there, they are able to figure out which days they will attend class in-person or e-learning. 

All students in all color groups are allowed to attend school all five days when condition permits and when it’s not they can either not attend in-person classes or they may attend one day that week, depending on conditions.

Students whose last name begins with the letters A-D are blue. E-K is red. L-Q is green. R-Z is purple. With the color-coding chart, students who are red and blue, go on Monday. Green and purple, go on Tuesday and then on Wednesday it’s red and blue again. Students will engage in e-learning on days they are not in school. Students in ALL color-groups will e-learn on Fridays.

When the condition allows 2 days of in-person attendance, blue and red students will attend school on Monday, green and purple students on Tuesday, blue and red again on Wednesday and green and purple again on Thursday. Again, students will e-learn when not in school and Fridays all students will e-learn.

GCS posted a video on its website about the plan. For better understanding and additional information click here.

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