GCS Interactive Map of Meal Delivery/WiFi Sites

Greenville County School Providing Healthy and Nutritious Meals During the Time Schools Are Closed in Response to COVID-19

Students without internet connection can connect to Wi-Fi in the parking lots of any Greenville County school between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or visit one of our Meal Delivery sites between 10 AM – Noon Monday through Friday to connect to bus Wi-Fi. If transportation is not available, families can contact the school for delivery.

To ensure the students of Greenville County Schools continue to receive healthy and nutritious meals during the time schools are closed in response to COVID-19, Greenville County Schools is providing breakfast and lunch free of charge to anyone 18 and younger and special needs adults through the age of 21 at 15 school locations and 66 community sites in areas of highest economic need. Meals are prepared in the school facilities by trained Food and Nutrition Services Staff. All existing DHEC and FDA approved procedures for meal prep, storage, service, and sanitation will be observed.

Buses will be at each site between 10 AM and noon Monday through Friday to deliver meals. Parents and stu­dents will have access to free Wi-Fi via the bus hot spot during these hours. 

All GCS Schools are closed through April 30.

Interactive Map of Meal Delivery/WiFi Sites

Source: https://www.greenville.k12.sc.us/News/

Update: 3/31/20

Greenville County Schools say parents will be able to pick up meals for their children even if the child isn’t present with the parent. The school district says a waiver has been granted by the USDA allowing the parent to pick up meals without the child, provided the parent can show proof of the child’s identity. The district said this has been an issue for families with a sick child or immune-compromised child, or families where not all children can fit in the vehicle.

The school district says the following forms of documentation are accepted but not limited to:

🔸school identification card
🔸school report card
🔸child’s passport
🔸birth certificate
🔸government-issued child identification card
🔸any document proving parent/guardian identity and relationship to the child, such as an adoption decree; doctor, clinic, or hospital record; religious record; or daycare center record

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