Greenville City Passes Ordinance Requiring Wearing of Mask in Some Businesses

Face masks will now be required when entering grocery stores or pharmacies in the city of Greenville starting Tuesday, June 23rd, and will remain in effect for 60 days unless rescinded by the council.

The City Council has unanimously passed the ordinance on Monday. Non-compliance with the ordinance would face a $25 fine. 

The ordinance would also require employees at businesses that have face-to-face interactions to wear masks. This includes restaurants, retail stores, salons, barbershops, grocery stores, and pharmacies within the Greenville City limits. Failure to follow the ordinance for these businesses will result in $100 fine.

It comes as COVID-19 cases in Greenville county have seen a sharp increase in the last few weeks.  Mayor Knox White said the council has one purpose in mind and that is to get the numbers back down in Greenville. 

He said the city will be distributing free masks to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other businesses within Greenville City limits on Thursday, June 25. Distributing free masks ensure all customers and employees at grocery stores and pharmacies begin to wear masks immediately. 

1000 masks will be distributed to 27 stores and pharmacies which will be brought to each location by city workers. On the same day from 8 am to noon, other businesses can go to the Greenville Convention Center to pick up up to 100 masks. The City Council will be distributing up to 50,000 free masks.

To read more about the ordinance, click here.

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