Greater Greenville Sanitation District Temporarily Suspends Curbside Recycling Pickup

Greater Greenville Sanitation District will be temporarily discontinuing recycling pickup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents’ recycling containers and regular garbage containers will still be picked up but all those materials will be disposed of until services can be resumed.

The Sanitation District collects and recycling old, stained and tattered clothing, shoes, and household goods for residents in the southern, western and northern portion of Greenville County.

 Executive director Steve Cole said that the decision was made for “strictly practical purposes,” as the volume of residential trash has increased by about 20 percent. “We’re basically just trying to keep up with the garbage,” Cole said. “We’re trying very hard to minimize the impact, and as long as we keep the garbage picked up, people are happy about that.”

Recycling makes up just about 5% of the total volume of materials collected by the sanitation district. The majority of that recycling came from Greenville County Schools, and since schools are closed, recycling pickup and handling of increased garbage load were not feasible especially if there’s not enough manpower. The sanitation district has seen an increase in employees calling off work.

Residents who still wish to recycle can drop their recyclables at one of the drop-off locations.

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