Governor McMaster Announces Additional Actions To Slow Virus Spread

On Wednesday Gov. Henry McMaster signed an executive order for additional safety guidelines that will help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

McMaster during the news conference announced that face masks are required for all employees and customers at restaurants and all previously recommended guidelines of restaurants and other establishments that attract groups are now mandatory.

According to a press release, the governor’s Executive Order establishing these new measures will go into effect Monday, Aug. 3.

“These measures give South Carolina the best chance to slow the spread of the virus without shutting down the state’s economy – which we cannot and will not do – as many continue to call for,” McMaster said.

The mandatory guidelines for restaurants include the following:

  • Operating dine-in services at no more than 50% of the certificate of occupancy issued by the fire marshal.
  • Employees and patrons shall be required to wear masks or face coverings.
  • Tables are to be spaced to keep diners at least six feet apart.
  • No more than 8 customers per table unless from the same family.
  • Standing or congregating in the bar area of a restaurant is prohibited.
  • Establishments that possess a state permit to sell alcohol shall be subject to these restrictions.

The governor also ordered that face-covering must be worn in all state government buildings according to guidelines and procedures developed by the state Department of Administration, effective Aug. 5.

The governor also announced he is opening other types of businesses, facilities, venues, events, or mass gatherings under the condition that they implement AccelerateSC guidelines. 

This includes festivals, parades, concerts, theaters, stadiums, arenas, coliseums, auditoriums, grandstands, amphitheaters, gymnasiums, concert halls, dance halls, performing arts centers, parks, racetracks, or similarly operated entities.

These Events and facilities must strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Attendance may not exceed 50% of the certificate of occupancy issued by the fire marshal – or 250 persons – whichever is less.
  • Require the wearing of masks or face coverings as a condition of admission or participation
  • Enact social distancing, cleaning and hygiene practices as recommended by AccelerateSC
  • End the sale of alcohol at 11:00 PM

Gov. McMaster says businesses, event organizers, and others responsible for events that may exceed the occupancy rules may receive clarification allowing the event to proceed if they can satisfactorily demonstrate an ability to comply with federal and state COVID-19 procedures and protocols to the Department of Commerce.

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