Gov. McMaster Hopes To Reopen The Economy ‘As Soon As Possible’

Gov. McMaster said the state will push to reopen businesses soon as COVID-19 outbreak nears peak.

In a conference in Columbia on Monday McMaster said he will push to reopen businesses as soon as possible. At the same press conference, the South Carolina health officials announced that 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 are projected in the state each week this month. 

The state now has two disasters on its hand – coronavirus pandemic and severe storms and tornadoes that ravage the state. The powerful storm swept through the state killing at least nine people, one of those was in Pickens County.

McMaster said the damage that he observed in the Upstate was some of the worst destruction he has ever seen. He said officials are now working to assess the damage. He plans to issue a declaration of emergency soon – a different emergency declaration from the COVID-19.

In the press conference, McMaster said the state will soon announce a plan to reinvigorate the economy and businesses will be able to open back up as soon as possible.

“I want to assure the people of South Carolina, our goal is to save lives, but also to save jobs and save families,” McMaster said. “Every business is essential to somebody, particularly to the ones working there. We want to get all these businesses going back.”

He also urged residents to keep complying with measures and advice from experts. McMaster issued a stay-at-home order last April 6th, ordering South Carolinians to remain at home or work unless visiting family, exercising, or obtaining essential goods or services.

New projections from the state Department of Health and Human Services show the coronavirus outbreak will reach a peak of 8,677 cases by early May. As of this posting, COVID-19 cases in South Carolina has a total of 3,439 coronavirus cases and 87 deaths according to SCDHEC.

The government said that social distancing is working and people are urge to “keep going, keep working together, and keep following advice and recommendations for the official sources.”

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