Get Your Flu Shots Now As Flu Season Begins

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) urges the public to get their annual flu shot as flu season begins in September. 

The DHEC advises the public that receiving their annual flu vaccine is crucial to protecting oneself against influenza this year. COVID-19 patients are clogging up hospitals around the country, reducing resources for other medical needs.

This year’s quadrivalent flu vaccine protects against the four most prevalent flu viruses that are anticipated to circulate this flu season. Vaccines against the flu are safe, effective, and do not cause an infection.

Dr. Bell, State Epidemiologist, said, “We know there are simple measures we can take to stop disease spread such as masks and physical distancing, but vaccinations are by far the most effective tool we have for protecting our bodies from vaccine-preventable diseases like the flu and COVID-19.” “If you aren’t fully vaccinated against COVID-19, talk to your vaccine provider about getting your COVID-19 shot and flu shot at the same visit. You can safely get both vaccines at the same time.”

Everyone over the age of six months is encouraged to get the flu vaccine, including pregnant women and women wanting to get pregnant.

Flu vaccines are available at multiple locations across the state. Currently, they are available from many pharmacies, physicians, and vaccine providers. You can check with a pharmacy, hospital, or doctor in your area to see whether they are currently providing flu shots.

To find out if and when your local DHEC public health agency will be offering the flu shot, visit their website or call 855-472-3432.

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