Furman University Announces COVID-19 Booster Shot Requirement

Furman University is requiring students to get COVID-19 booster vaccinations before returning to campus on January 10 for in-person classes.

The requirement is in response to the CDC’s recent advice that vaccinated individuals who have not yet been boosted be quarantined for five days following exposure to COVID-19, as well as the universities’ desire to keep campus operations less restricted.

The university has announced that eligible students who have not previously been exempted will be required to acquire a booster shot by January 11th.

According to the CDC director in a message posted on the university’s website, data from South Africa and the United Kingdom shows that vaccine efficacy against the virus reduces to approximately 35% after six months, and a COVID-19 vaccination booster dose restores the vaccine’s anti-infection efficacy to 75%.

According to the university, this requirement also applies to all university students who are studying away during the spring semester.

The university added that after receiving a booster shot, students must email a copy of their vaccination card to [email protected].

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