Free Library Inside Greenlink Transit Center

Greenlink has recently launched its new free little library inside the Greenlink Transit Center.

The library will give access to free reading materials to Greenlink customers, family members and the general public.

The free little library will give bus riders transferring between routes an opportunity to browse the library’s collection and pick up a book for the trip. Greenlink notes that the average bus ride was 5.3 miles long in 2019, which could provide up to 15 minutes of reading time on each bus.

The following are the reading benefits as an adult:

  • Reading can help reduce stress – A 2009 study conducted at the University of Sussex found that reading reduced stress levels by 68%. The study also demonstrated that after reading for only six minutes, readers’ heart rates began to lower, and their muscles began to relax. This means that customers waiting for a bus, even with just a few minutes to spare, could grab a book and help reduce their daily stress.
  • Reading can help keep your mind active as you age – Many studies show a correlation between reading and dementia prevention, as reading books and magazines can help maintain and improve cognitive functioning. A 2017 Greenlink customer demographic study showed that 33% of respondents were over the age of 55, so picking up a book between bus rides could help customers ward off dementia.
  • Reading can help you empathize – In a time marked by isolation, stress and high emotions, it is helpful to be reminded to feel empathy for one another. Studies published in Science and Public Library of Science journals in 2013 showed that literary fiction can enhance the ability to build social relationships and influence empathy, meaning that reading a novel could help Greenlink riders better relate to their neighbors.
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