Fill Up At Spinx To Get A Fuel Discount


It’s great news for Upstate Spinx gas station customers! Spinx announced a 25 cent per gallon discount when using Xtras Pay to purchase fuel through May 2.

The Spinx Xtras is a customer loyalty program that provides discounts on gas and other special offers.

Customers may link their Spinx Xtras accounts to their bank accounts via Xtras Pay in a safe and secure manner. The Spinx Mobile App makes it simple to sign up for Spinx Xtras and Xtras Pay.

“At Spinx, we’re proud of our community-centric heritage,” said Spinx president Stan Storti. “It’s natural for us to do our best to help our friends, neighbors, and teammates whenever we can. After all, Spinx exists to make peoples’ lives easier.  We think this will help.”

Visit to know more about Spinx and the Spinx Xtras program.

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