Directory of Local Sources For Beef, Pork, Lamb, And Chicken in the Upstate, SC

There are certainly some benefits of eating local meat and produce. In addition to stimulating the local economy and supporting local farmers, sustainably raised local meats and produce are far superior in taste than their industrial farm counterparts. 

So where to go to get good meat locally? Not from a supermarket obviously. You can get them from some of the great butchers and farms right here in the Upstate, SC. So here is a post on where you can find locally raised, locally butchered good meat in the Upstate. Click on the links to go to their websites for more information.


These are farmers raising livestock in the Upstate. You can buy directly from them at local farmers’ markets, online, by phone order, or you can find their products in some local stores. 

Bethel Trails Farm – Located in Gray Court, SC. Bethel Trails is a family-owned and operated sustainable farm specializing in pastured meat and poultry products including pork, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, and turkey (Thanksgiving only!). They sell directly to the public. Although available year-round, during the summer you can find their products at the Simpsonville Farmers Market. 📞864-915-6064 📧 [email protected]

Carolina Grassfed Beef – Located in Anderson, SC. Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs carry grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured pork, and poultry. They have a farm store open 7 days a week by appointment only. Just give them a call when you would like to come by to purchase beef by the cut or eggs. 📞 864-844-1621 📧 [email protected]

Grassfat Farm – Located in Greenwood, SC. Grassfat Farm is a completely vertically-integrated organic farm with its own butchering, dry-aging, processing, and packaging operations on site. They specialize in organic beef, chicken, and lamb. 📞(864) 396-5699 📧 [email protected]

Greenbrier Farm – Located in Easley, SC. Greenbrier Farms is a family-owned and operated, sustainable farm in Easley, SC producing USDA certified organic produce and pastured/grass-fed meats. They sell directly to consumers at local farmers’ markets, by appointment at the farm, through monthly food shares, and at select local retailers and restaurants, including their restaurant Fork and Plough. 📞(864) 855-9782 📧 [email protected]

Happy Cow Creamery – Located in Pelzer, SC. Happy Cow do not only sell dairy products. Their store also offer beef, pork. and other produce. 📞(864) 243-9699

Hereford Hills Ranch – Located in Union, SC. Hereford Hills Ranch carries grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork. All meat is slaughtered and processed in a USDA approved facility, vacuumed sealed and flash frozen to assure freshness. They offer free delivery within 50 miles with a $20 purchase. 📞864-426-8962 📧 [email protected]

Old Paths Farm – Located in Gaffney, SC. They sell individual cuts of beef and pork, eggs, seasonal garden produce, and all-natural dog treats. They also offer frozen goods, baked items, and other family-produced wares. 
📞(864) 504-5401 📧 [email protected]

Satterfield Farms – Located in Taylors, SC. Satterfield Farms sells free-range grass-fed and grass-finished beef. 📞(864) 444-1991 📧 [email protected]

Southern Berkshire Farm – Located in Wesminster, SC. Southern Berkshire Farm sells pasture-raised poultry and pork products. 📞(404) 977-7720
📧[email protected]

Walker Century Farms – Located in Anderson, SC. Walker Century Farms sells grass-fed & grass-finished beef, pasture-raised pork, and natural honey. They also carry fresh produce and farm products from other local producers in the Upstate. 📞(864) 226-2668
📧[email protected]

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