DHEC Is Looking To Hire Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics and More To Help With The Vaccine Rollout

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is looking to immediately hire nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, administrative support, and other key personnel across the state.

As the vaccine roll-out continues, additional staff will be needed. DHEC aims to hire at least 150 employees to assist with vaccination clinics for COVID-19.

The aim of the hiring will be to strengthen vaccination clinics, and the process will be quicker than the average time required by DHEC due to the urgency of the current coronavirus pandemic.

“These are extraordinary times and we have worked with state and DHEC Human Resources to streamline our hiring process. We expect to hire an individual within days or weeks rather than months,” said Marcus Robinson, DHEC Chief Human Resources Officer.

There will be full-time and part-time jobs available and wages range from $13 to $45 per hour.

“If you are able and willing, your state urgently needs you,” said DHEC.

Anyone interested in applying or learning more about the particular positions available can click here to start the process.

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