Complete Your Census Form ASAP

The City of Greenville is reminding the public to complete their Census forms as soon as possible. The city is encouraging residents as well as their families, friends, and neighbors to complete the form before its deadline on September 30.

As of today, the self-response rate for the city of Greenville is only 57%. The city’s population is just under 70,000, which means 30,000 people won’t be counted.

If everyone is not counted it will be an enormous loss to the community over the next 10 years. Census results are used to determine the distribution of $675 billion in federal funds to states each year. These funds are allocated for affordable housing, early childhood education, school meals, highway planning and construction, special education programs, medical assistance and health insurance, and foster care.

The results also matter because they’re used to ensure fair representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. SC gained an additional seat in Congress based on the 2010 Census results.

Census takers are continuously visiting houses that have not completed the form. 

To avoid having a Census worker visiting your home, you have the option to complete the Census online at or by phone at 844-330-2020 (English) or 844-468-2020 (Spanish) today!

The Census is safe, easy, and important. There’s only one chance every 10 years. Complete the form now.

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