Colleges and Universities In SC To Receive Federal Stimulus Package

The higher education sector has not escaped the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many institutions to shut down, close residence halls, and move instruction online. For young adults, students feeling ‘left out’ in Stimulus Package because they will not receive $1,200 from the government even if they were affected by the pandemic will be glad to hear that the federal stimulus package enacted last month will give grants up to $14 billion to students of higher education.

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education announced the majority of that money, or $12.5 billion, would be distributed across the sector. Out of $14 billion provided by the CARES Act designed to support college students, around 9% or $1.1 billion was allocated to for-profit colleges and universities.

How much coronavirus stimulus money will your college get? Take a look:

  • University of South Carolina: $21,415,130
  • Clemson: $13,579,995
  • USC Upstate: $6,104,655
  • Bob Jones University: $2,552,058
  • Greenville Tech: $6,663,667
  • Tri-County Technical College: $4,246,483
  • Wofford College: $1,103,905
  • Spartanburg Community College: $3,358,632

Here’s the full list of all schools and minimum allocated financial aid grants for students

Funding levels are based on a complex formula weighted toward institutions enrolling large numbers of students who qualify for Pell Grants.

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