Clemson University Issues Guidelines For Students Returning In The Fall

Clemson University has issued guidelines for students and employees returning in the fall.

In its website, Clemson University states that all students and employees will need to produce a negative test for COVID-19 within five days prior to returning to the campus or other university locations for the fall semester. Anyone testing positive will be required to self-isolate for ten days prior to returning to a Clemson location. 

The University will also be conducting random, voluntary testing on a regular basis throughout the semester to track the disease’s spread in the university community.

In addition, they will be following protocol put forth by the city. Face covering is mandatory while on university property except when one is alone in a private office, alone in on-campus housing rooms, and when not in close contact with another person. The university will provide reusable cloth face coverings to all students, faculty, and staff members upon return to campus or other university locations.

As of this posting, there are no changes made to the academic calendar, but classroom modifications are underway. The faculty has been asked to prepare to return to online courses should the circumstances dictate a pivot to online learning.

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