Clemson City Extends Mask Directive And Other COVID-19 Restrictions

Clemson city’s mask ordinance and other COVID-19 restrictions have been extended to at least March 15.

The decision was made on Monday night amid a protest from more than 3,000 people who signed a petition asking the City Council and the police to minimize restrictions on downtown businesses in Clemson.

Multiple bars and restaurant owners in downtown Clemson argue that part of the mask order hurts the businesses and goes too far. They were concerned that many would go out of business if the rules weren’t relaxed soon.

“We’re trying to balance this as best as possible,” Mayor Robert Halfacre said.

Halfacre promised that at the next council meeting on March 1, a decision on the COVID rules will be presented.

Halfacre added that a “reopening taskforce,” led by City Administrator Andy Blondeau, will be created by the city to address COVID-19 restrictions and will start meeting in March.

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