City Of Greenville No Longer Requires Masks But Urges Residents To Follow SC DHEC Guidelines

Due to the Governor’s recent executive order on masks, the City of Greenville states that its emergency mask ordinance is no longer in effect.

Since the emergency ordinance was first enacted on June 22, 2020, and renewed most recently on April 8, 2021, the City of Greenville has required masks to be worn in retail stores and personal service businesses. 

On May 11, Tuesday Governor McMaster issued an executive order concerning the COVID-19 pandemic in South Carolina.

Governor McMaster said, “Based on the State’s significant progress related to the administration of authorized and available COVID-19 vaccines and the latest key indicators, metrics and data elements used to assess the measure of impact from COVID-19 as well as other circumstances described herein, I have determined that any remaining mandates issued by counties, municipalities, or other political subdivisions of this State related to Face Coverings are no longer necessary or appropriate to mitigate the existing public health threats and that circumstances are such that South Carolinians can make responsible choices and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and their communities.”

While the city says that masks will no longer be required at outdoor events and venues, people are still encouraged to wear them when social distance cannot be maintained.

Furthermore, until the Supreme Court issues another order, the city says it will continue to require masks and temperature checks at the city courthouse.

Local officials say they’re working hard with neighborhood leaders, government partners, and the Department of Health and Environmental Control to host vaccine clinics.

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