CDC Recommends No Trick Or Treating For Halloween 2020

This year’s Halloween celebration will be a little different as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reminds the public to avoid activities like trick-or-treating to celebrate Halloween due to COVID-19.

In guidelines released by the CDC door-to-door treat-or-treating runs a high risk of acquiring and getting infected by COVID-19.

CDC recommends that:

  • If you plan to get dressed up for Halloween do not substitute a Halloween mask for a cloth mask unless it’s made of 2 or more layers of breathable fabric covering your mouth and nose. 
  • Do not wear a costume mask over a cloth mask. It can be dangerous because it can make it hard to breathe. Use a Halloween themed cloth mask instead. 
  • When it comes to handing out candies, pre-packaged bags may have a lower risk of spreading the virus compared to children going door to door.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after unpacking and before eating.

Letting go of this tradition is hard as it has been part of every family’s celebration each year, but the most important thing is our own safety by reducing the risk of getting infected with the virus.

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