Blood Connection Seeks For O Negative Blood Donors

The Blood Connection (TBC) is in dire need of O-negative blood donors.

According to TBC, a combination of already low supplies, the impending summer season, and poor donor turnout could lead to an O negative blood shortage in the coming days.

When the blood type is unknown, the most common blood type utilized for transfusions is O negative. This is why it is frequently utilized in trauma, emergencies, surgery, and other situations where the blood type is unknown. People with the blood type O negative are regarded to have the universal blood type, and they can only accept O negative blood. As a result, demand is constant.

TBC is the region’s primary blood supplier, so the need for blood donors is essential. The organization intends to keep a 5-7-day supply of O negative blood on hand but has only had one day supply recently and one trauma case can deplete that supply in some cases.

TBC encourages the public to become involved in this effort to help save lives. For interested donors, go to, call 864-751-1154, or walk into any donor facility or mobile unit.

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