Beaches And Retail Shops to Reopen Soon

South Carolina is expecting to reopen the economy in the coming week according to two state representatives

Gov. Henry McMaster said they are working to reopen the state’s economy as quickly as possible in a safe way, taking a balanced approach when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions and keeping the statewide economy afloat. He did not have a set timeline but continued to say sooner rather than later.

Today, two representatives, Josiah Magnuson and Stewart Jones shared a post on Facebook stating that the Governor’s office intends to announce a re-opening plan on Monday.

Representative Josiah Magnuson of Spartanburg County shared on a Facebook post, “Just got a call from the Governor’s office letting us know Governor McMaster will indeed announce a re-opening plan on Monday! The plan will begin with our retail shops and beaches and move into gear from there. Social distancing measures will continue to be required, as suggested in the letter sent by myself along with Rep. Jones and Rep. Hill. The Governor will announce the details at the press conference on Monday. I look forward to our state safely getting back to work in a timely manner!”

Similarly, Representative Stewart Jones (R – District 14) also posted on Facebook saying, “I just got off the phone with the Gov. Henry McMaster’s Office regarding plans to #ReopenSC starting Monday! Retail will open Monday. I hope that EVERY small business is up and going again in South Carolina by the end of next week. Thank you!!”

Gov. Henry McMaster issued a revision to an executive order during a press briefing on Thursday ordering to open boat ramps across the state on Friday.

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