ACI Plastics South Announced Plans to Open a Location In Pickens

ACI Plastics South recently announced its plans to open a new facility in Pickens County.

The new Pickens operations, according to the company, are worth $4 million in investment and are expected to generate 21 new employment in the county.

The company plans to build a 138,000-square-foot complex located at 225 Ruhamah Road in Liberty, South Carolina, using a facility that has been idle for over a decade. The structure had previously served as a Mohawk manufacturing plant. It was last utilized as a manufacturing facility for Southern Vinyl Siding. ACI Plastics South is currently constructing the facilities and will begin operations later.

The Pickens County operations, according to the company, will entail the recovery of post-industrial/pre-consumer scrap plastics from molders around the Southeast. Size reduction (granulation) and proprietary separation processes will be the company’s first offerings. ACI Plastics South intends to expand the facility’s operations in the future, including blending, density separation, pelletizing, and post-consumer processing.

Pickens County Council Chairman Chris Bowers said in the statement, “Pickens County Council is proud to welcome ACI Plastics South, the industry leader in separating even the most difficult plastics, to our county.” “Our skilled local workforce is consistently an asset sought out by top-tier companies such as ACI, and we are pleased that ACI found the perfect site location to meet their needs here in the Liberty community.”

ACI Plastics South has been a thermoplastics processor and recycler for more than 35 years and is known for its paint removal and instrument panel separation processes, as well as density, electrostatic, and optical separation.

Those interested in a career at ACI Plastics South can send an email to

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